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Installing Ubuntu in a VMware VM

Creating the VM and installing Ubuntu Download the Ubuntu .iso from In this case I used VMware Fusion. Start VMware Fusion and follow these steps: Click on File->New... Click on "Continue without disc" Click on "Choose a disc or disc image..." twice Select your Ubuntu .iso file. I used: ubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso Click on "Open" Click on "Continue" Verify that the Operating System shows as "Linux" and that the Version shows as "Ubuntu" Click on "Continue" Select "Use Easy Install" Type your full name into the Display Name field Type your desired account name into the Account Name field (choose wisely; you can't change it) Select a password I have files on my host machine that I want to share with the VM, so I selected "Make your home folder accessible to the virtual machine" For now, I left the access level at "Read only". We can chan