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Programming language notes, links

Time machine Here is a post for years and years ago that was stuck in drafts. Some of it is still useful, but a lot is amusing to look back on. Oh, those were the days ... General Programming Lots of good multi-language examples at this site. It's nice for comparing how similar algorithms are implemented in different languages. This is an awesome page, full of useful and interesting bit-twiddling tricks. In particular, with the trick to count set bits in a word, I've been able to reduce by a factor of 50 (!) the amount of time it takes to count bits in a range of memory. Lots of information about regular expressions: Programming Challenges Sites to keep you in shape: Mathematics The Haskell implementation of the Sieve of Eratosthenes is just cryptic. I'm not sure

Questions to ask about yourself, your job, your company

Are you taking on a new project? A new role? A new job? There are questions you should ask to make yourself more successful. Questions about your project ABC as a business initiative What are success metrics for ABC? How core is this project? Periphery? Likely to be cut? What is the core set of values that tie all XYZ projects together? How does ABC roll up into that? How automated is the testing? What is limiting the rollout to more devices? How heavy is the client? Can customers walk away from the ABC product? Have any done so? If so, what reasons did they give? How much support have the company's partners given? Aren't there already widgets like this on the market? Why develop your own? Or, is the company leveraging a 3rd party one? Who are the competitors? What is the ranked set of features for this project? Is it well defined and well understood? Are the criteria for the ranking clear and fair? Questions about your company How does XYZ deci