Configuring the Fedora window manager

Pick a different window manager

There are lots of window managers out there. Right now, Gnome is having some trouble running in a VM because VMWare's 3D acceleration does not work with it. Pick a lighterweight one like Cinnamon.

  sudo yum install cinnamon

Reboot. When you are entering your password to log in, use the services dropdown to change to Cinnamon (or whatever other window manager you selected).

Smaller title bars

The default title bar on Fedora windows is too tall. It wastes a lot of screen real estate. After trying several of the suggestions out on the 'net, I found that this one works for me (Fedora 18 with Cinnamon window manager).

* Find your metacity theme files. They should be in /usr/share/themes/Adwaita/metacity-1
* Find each instance of "title_vertical_pad" and change it to zero

*** NOTE: You'll need to make this change each time the .xml files are updated.


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